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Can you shed some light on the dark?

Day & Night is a fun-filled game of logic for young kids. It features colors, shapes and silhouettes that evolve in step with your child’s growing skills.

Kids arrange and stack the pieces to match the challenges on the included challenge booklet. Just as night follows day, the "day" challenges (1-24) provide a great start that gradually build up to the more advanced " night" challenges (25-48). This makes "Day & Night" an educational game for children aged from 18 months to 5 years. You are never too young (nor too old!) to start playing SmartGames!




请注意: 挑戰手冊不适合給2岁以下孩童使用。

◎3岁以上的孩子: 孩子可以藉由挑戰手冊中的關卡來進行積木造型遊戲。每1挑戰關卡有2款显示方式,一款为彩色图案(1~24关);另一款为晋级,含提供积木外剪影图(25~48关)。