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Lepao Baby Set

All parts of this set had undergone safety precaution for baby under 2 years old. Thus, all parts within this set is only consist of parts with giant size such as large size H and A, frame and some 180 degree adjustable parts, parts with sound effect with can attract the attention of baby under 2 years old. With these features parents can allow the baby to play with it without extra care attention needed as baby will not able to sallow the part by accidentally.



  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Construction Skill
  • Creativity
  • Pre-planning Skill
  • Brain Development
  • Analytical Skill
主體H形的積木可由六個面的方向連接,亦可水平連接及直角連接,比一般積木只能由上連接變化較多,小朋友的創造空間亦更廣更寬;一般積木所做實體較刻板、生硬,無法引起小朋友的興趣。 樂寶積木可由大A、大H及管子的應用,使其所作出的作品轉動,較具生命力,亦更能吸引小朋友不斷創造更好玩的作品;另外一般積木常發現小朋友到處亂丟,原因是一般積木容易散落,不斷打擊小朋友鬥志、興趣,而樂寶積木本身結構方法不同不易鬆開,輪子轉動過程不會脫落。